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Day 1: the Road to Berlin

By Folk Combo, Dec 2 2014 02:45PM

On how Folk Combo left the Netherlands, ran out of fuel on the Autobahn near Hannover, dealing with the potatoheads from the German roadservice and eventually got saved by the two Stefphans.

We set out on our folky adventure on sunday the 23rd of November on a beautiful sunny day. We left the Netherlands and headed for Berlin.

We knew that our car battery wasn't in top shape, but naively as we were (are) we could not wait to start our trip. With the sun in our rear window we knew we were going to the East and both were dreaming with all the possible adventures that we were soon going to experience.

If we only knew what kind of troubles were awaiting us...about two hours later. Gijs took over the wheel in Hannover and while driving he suddenly became aware that our Villa was dramatically stopping in the middle of the Autobahn. On the emergency lane we realized that the van was completely dried out and in desparate need of gas. David went out into the dark night trying to find a gas-station while Gijs was panicking in the car and wondering why the **** they didn't refill the tank in Hannover. When David came back with a few liters of diesel, that he forgot to pay (for real), the car battery (which deserves a whole chapter for itself) decided to increase our drama. It died on us...

We had to call the ADAC, the German road service, to pull us off the motorway. A guy soon came to our aid and he drove us to a near service station. We were very relieved and expected to be back on the road in no time, what turned out to be another ill-fainted-hope. The German ADAC guy tried to jump start our car but failed in doing so and who, in addition, did not seem to be too willing to do a proper inspection.

So after about 15 minutes of 'Scheisse' and other German curses, he stopped and told us we would have to wait for his incredible service untill the next morning. So, we were stuck in Lehrte (???) at some parking lot surrounded by yellow ADAC trucks, ready to spend the first night of our trip in the middle of nowhere. It was then when David remembered that two former housemates of him recently moved to Hannover: Stefan and Stephan. Perhaps they could help us and save us from the Kartoffel brothers of the German roadservice. Like two angels descending from heaven, the Stefphans answered our prayers and came with another car to revive our Villa. After they reanimated the car, they also offered us to spend the night in their house in Hannover, which we gratefully accepted. We had a nice night with them, drinking wine and having some laughs about how unpredictable this first day of our adventures turned out to be.

Dec 6 2014 12:51PM by Nico

Congratulations on being on the road! Hope to read more adventures soon!

All the best!

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